Fox 40 Whistle Combo 3-Pack

SKU: F40-3PK

It is beneficial for Officials to have different whistles depending on whether the game is at an indoor or outdoor venue.

3 unique whistle tones for multi-court or multi-field situations. All Fox 40 Pealess Whistles are reliable and consistent with penetrating sound. Heads & Tails Tossing Coin is die-cast antique brass. Breakaway Lanyard made of strong non-kinking material with black hardware. All components contained in durable and handy zipper-style carry case.

Whistles and Breakaway Lanyard available in black only for 3-Pack Kit.



  • Fox 40 Classic - 115 dB 3-chamber pealess
  • Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG - 120 dB 2-chamber pealess
  • Fox 40 Pearl - 90 dB 2-chamber pealess
  • Fox 40 Tossing Coin
  • Breakaway Lanyard



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