New Balance V3 Low Cut Umpire Plate Shoes

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Size: 8-15 D, W & 4E
The MUL406V3 is a low-cut plate shoe that offers a brand new aggressive nubby outsole for enhanced traction, strategically placed mesh and a "floating" instep guard to help promote air flow and breathability for the extra innings games in the summer. Most importantly, it protects more of your foot than ever before.
  • High-gloss finish makes the shoe easy to maintain and clean.
  • The shoe has the comfort, breathability and traction you expect in an on-field athletic shoe.
  • The floating instep protector was re-designed for increased protection on the inside of your foot
    While the floating instep protector is NOT removable, it does release at the top, making it easier to take on and off and to lace your sholaces.
  • The floating instep protector has a mesh strap that creates space between your shoe and guard for air to flow.

Sold in sizes 8-15 In Regular(D) and Wide (4E)



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